Sunday Mornings

Everyone is welcome to join us on Sunday mornings at 10:30am!

As a church we are currently seeking to worship together intergenerationally thus embodying the understanding that everyone of any age is equally important and equally able to hear from and respond to God. The children can have something to contribute to everyone rather than just being recipients of adult input. The whole church is the body of Christ. Worshiping with different generations—singing together, holding hands during prayer, sharing communion—helps children form an identity as people who want to celebrate and glorify God together. Belonging is an important element of discipleship for all ages. 

For us as a congregation it is a good way to build a sense of community. The children are included either directly during the various elements of the service or, where this is difficult, with some activity to do alongside whatever else is happening. There is also time to catch up with their friends. 

We are still learning how to do this but are seeking to make our worship accessible to all and glorifying to God. 


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